nes micro

Ben Heckendorn is at it again. The creator of the Portable PlayStation 2, N64p and Phoenix 2600, has created his smallest homebrew portable game console yet: the NES Micro. That's right. While Nintendo spins its wheels with the Game Boy Micro, Heckendorn has built a pocketable Nintendo Entertainment System capable of using cartridges created for the full-size console. The one-of-a-kind unit is just 5.25 x 2.625 x 1.625-inches, has a 2.5-inch LCD, runs off of 4 AA batteries, and even has a headphone jack. We have no idea what Ben's next project is, but we can't wait to see it (and, yes, we're secretly hoping for a portable Colecovision, just so we can actually use that old Zaxxon cart that's down in the basement).

[Via Joystiq]

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