tridef vision+

We're still not really down with 3D display systems that require the use of those goofy glasses; our ideal setup has a transparent half-globe sitting on the coffee table, where different seating positions yield completely different takes on the action. Sadly DDD Group, and not us, is the one with all the engineers, and they continue to push the old blue and red sunglasses format with their new TriDef Vision+ set top box, which promises to convert any video signal to 3D on an appropriate monitor. For now, though, very few of these monitors actually exist; so few, in fact, that DDD had to wait for Arisawa Manufacturing Co.'s 30-inch 3D LCD to be ready before making their announcement. The Vision+ also claims support for "the latest generation of Hollywood 3D movies that are in production," which can only mean that the highly-anticipated (by whom, we don't know) follow-up to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl is close at hand.

[Via HD Beat]

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