Classé's $6500 CDP-300 1080p-upscaling DVD player

classe cdp-300 dvd player

Our $50 DVD player from Radio Shack isn't really gonna cut it when our new big-screen gets installed, so we're looking at Montreal-based Classé's new $6500 CDP-300 slot-loading model as a possible replacement. As the first model in the Delta series, the CDP-300 hints at good things to come from this lineup, with 1080p upconverting via HDMI, XLR balanced outputs, component RGBHV, a touchscreen display, and the usual assortment of regular component video, S-video, composite, digital coax, and optical hookups. One nice feature of the touchscreen is that it also serves as a video preview monitor, so you can view and control DVD-Audio discs without powering-up your main display. Unfortunately, as HDBeat points out, buying one of these now means we'll have to drop at least another $13,000 next year to pick up one for our Blu-ray discs and still another for our HD-DVD titles (and heck, maybe even one more that we can hack to spin our waning collection of DIVX classics).

[Via HDBeat]