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Res(t)piration lamp keeps you calm

Marc Perton

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mood lampMost of our gear tends to keep us a bit on edge, with beeping, buzzing and chirping reminders of how busy we are (or at least of how many gadgets we have). So, every now and then, it's nice to find a device that's actually designed to help us chill a little. That's the idea behind Res(t)piration, a concept lamp developed by Lissa Kooijman at Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland, that responds to your breathing rate, and adjusts accordingly, casting soothing shadows on the wall in an attempt to calm you down. Unfortunately, the lamp checks your respiration via sensors strapped to your chest and abdomen — not exactly the best way to get you to relax. But hopefully if it's ever commercialized, it'll rely on a less invasive method of detecting stress, like a pulse-tracking wristband. We'll be waiting — anxiously.

[Via Fresh Gadgets]

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