Comcast/CBS to follow DirecTV/NBC in offering on demand network content

ethan zohn VC represent

A little earlier today we brought you news of NBC Universal's deal with DirecTV to offer downloadable content, but opined that we would wait to see if other networks joined the party. Well lo and behold, Comcast and CBS just announced their own arrangement that will provide cable subscribers with the opportunity to view CSI, NCIS, Survivor, and The Amazing Race on demand (in both analog and possibly HD formats), for what is now the standard 99 cents. Those of you who complained about the difficulty of offloading the DirecTV/NBC content will love the fact that the Comcast/CBS system is even more restrictive, giving viewers only a 24-hour window from the time they order a show until it is automatically deleted. Note to the rulers of TV Land: this is a good start guys, but even iTunes lets us keep our songs, so how about loosening up on all the restrictions, m'kay?