Circuit City selling Xbox 360s 3.5 days early?

Circuit City Xbox 360s go on sale Friday

We have no idea what's going on over Circuit City way, but apparently they want everyone to believe they're making their Xbox 360 bundles available this Friday, the 18th — a full three and a half days early. Joystiq gave 'em a call and they confirmed that the systems would be available online and in their brick-n-mortars this Friday, but we couldn't resist placing a second call ourselves, just to see what happened. After getting an outsourced call center rep who "had no further information available" about the true launch date of the 360 (November 22nd), we were pretty much ready to write it off as a monumental bork on their part. We're all still gonna ask Peter real nicely if he'll let us camp out Friday — you know, for research, just to be sure and everything.

[Via Joystiq]

Update: Misleading bork, but still a bork indeed. Circuit City gave us a buzz to let us know that yes, they're accepting money for the boxes on Friday, but they won't ship until the 21st, so the peeps who want to pay for overnight shipping will get theirs on launch day. Way to earn cred, guys.