Xbox 360 Launch Day Game list revealed w/ resolutions

Microsoft has revealed the 18 games that will be available the day of the U.S. launch of the Xbox 360, I got the list from our friends at Joystiq and checked it with Microsoft's website to find out what resolution we can expect each game to run. Oddly, although all the other pages stated all 360 games will output at 720p, the NBA 2K6 page did not, and listed resolution at 480p, we'll see if that is true when it is in stores later this week.

Check for the list of games after the jump.

The link for the Tiger Woods page did not work, and the other surprise was Perfect Dark Zero listing 1080i, although given that the 360 will automatically scale to 1080i if that is all your TV supports, and the PGR3 controversy, who knows what that really means.