Fort Myers, FL: Your HD stations are changing

This is just a public service announcement  for the residents of Fort Myers Florida that are on Comcast. Your digital line-up is changing slightly and we want to make sure that you can still find your HD stations.

Discovery HD Theater 172 205
ESPN HD 173 202
iN HD1 174 206
iN HD2 175 207
HBO HD 176 215
Cinemax HD 177 219
Showtime HD 178 223
Starz HD 179 227
ABC WZVN HD 180 231
NBC WBBH HD 181 232
CBS WINK HD 182 233
TNT HD 186 204
PBS HD 190 241

These changes are set to happen tomorrow, December 1st, and we wanted to make sure that you didn't miss CSI in HD. The source mentioned that Comcast is changing nation wide, but we have not seen anything to indicate that. If something changes though, you will be the first to know.