HDTV via the Xbox360You didn't think we were really done with our Windows Media Center project, did ya? No way! Sure we built the WMCE with HDTV compatibility for under a grand, but we're also streaming high-def content to our Xbox 360!

To illustrate this, we captured a video for your viewing pleasure; sorry it's not in high-def. Actually, the video quality does this project no justice, but it does show you that you can wirelessly stream HDTV from a WMCE PC to an Xbox 360. Don't judge the video on the quality; watch this for the content and the concept; we already know we won't be winning an Oscar for it!

You can download the 72.5 MB QuickTime file here or by clicking on the image above. The video is roughly 5 minutes and 27 seconds long and is best viewed in small window, as it doesn't scale up well.


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