The coffee chat today was about family and those among our families that play WoW. Both of my coworkers have large families and they each have quite a few that enjoy the addiction we call WoW. My first coworker, Peter, has such a large following that they have their own chat room that is always busy. His brother, his sister-in-law, two of their three kids, and multiple cousins - they all play on a daily basis. I used to be in a guild with everyone until it fractured, but we used to joke we should just change the guild name to Pete's family.

My other coworker, Jeremy, also has a large family that enjoys the game. His parents and all his brothers/sisters (and their spouses) play the game. His family is spread across multiple servers, but they guild together on the servers they are on. I currently help him run the guild on Bloodhoof.

Are couples and family a common thing in WoW? How many family members do you have playing?


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