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Are these the working designs for the ROKR E2 and E3?

Ryan Block , @ryan

We certainly wouldn't give these vectors a pass on the fan-mockup litmus test or anything, but an Israeli gadget site is showing these two designs off, each matching up to a piece of hardware we've previously seen. The ROKR E2 (pictured left) may or may not be based off a device that may or may not actually exist, while the E3 (pictured right) sure looks a lot like a mystery device we spotted at the MOTONOW event. We really have no idea at this point, but if there's one thing we're pretty sure about, it's the fact that Moto should want to get new and revamped ROKRs out the door as soon as possible, ROKR E1 sales being stale as they are.

[Thanks, Andrew]


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