Not to be outdone by LG's hat trick this morning, Samsung has also announced the expansion of their mobile digital TV support beyond DMB to now include both the DVB-H standard and Qualcomm's MediaFLO technology. While Samsung doesn't deliver any pics (that's their SCH-B300 DMB cellphone pictured) to back up their tit-for-tat claim, they will be showing off their DVB-H and FLO cellphones at CES this week. What does this all mean? Well, now South Korea-based LG and Samsung, who have long been slugging it out at home for DMB handset dominance, can take their campaign global. First to Europe in a attempt to grab landshare from Nokia and the emerging European DVB-H broadcast services and then to the US as the FLO rollout looms near. This type of fierce competition can only be good news for consumers.

[Via MobileMentalism, Thanks Mike]

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