Why is it that we rarely see savvy, intelligent criminals ala the Lex Luthors and Riddlers of old? Instead we get morons stealing cellphones from a convention of phone experts or attempting to get tech support for a stolen laptop. Well, the latest episode of "Stupid Gadget Criminals" involves a Swedish thief who stole a woman's cellphone and then proceeded to pick up a call from cops who were searching for the cellie (didn't the 911 on caller ID give it away?). Not only did the celljacker stupidly answer the phone-he actually left the damn thing on so the cops could overhear him arguing with his taxi driver (gotta have a real getaway driver for these risky gadget heists, it seems). No big surprise, then, that this man's next phone call was thoughtfully provided to him by the Swedish government.

[Via textually]


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