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ATI's OCUR: world's first CableCard HDTV tuner for (Vista) PCs


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ATI is showing off the world's first and only CableCard HDTV tuner for PCs: the ATI OCUR. The Open Cable Uni-directional Receiver allows Media Center PCs running Microsoft's new Vista OS to receive High Definition premium digital cable content. Sure, the internal and external (USB 2.0) versions of the OCUR on demo at CES are only tech previews of their final shipping product but hey, this has potential to make that (Media Center) PC truly suitable as a TV replacement in the living room, and a hi-def video recorder to boot! Besides, the reference design is done so the product is simply waiting for Vista to, sometime this year, right folks? Click on for a few more pics of the external OCUR and the product in action.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

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