Keepin' it real fake: Part XII - Special CES Edition - The W398 is not a ROKR

If there's one thing that you can count one at the International Gateway part of the Consumer Electronics Show, where all the random Asian ODMs hang out, is knock-offs a-plenty. We've got a few in store for ya, but we couldn't wait to write about the W398, a little cellphone from Shuoying that's a deadringer for the Motorola E398 (aka the phone the ROKR E1 was based on). The pic speaks for itself, but we did manage to grab a spec sheet before we departed Shuoying's booth and learn that the W398 is a dual-band GSM/GPRS handset with a 2.0-inch LCD screen, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, and a TransFlash memory card slot. You won't find iTunes (or an iTunes button) on this fakester, just a generic MP3 and MPEG4 media player, but you probably won't have to deal with that pesky 100 song limit, either.