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Ambient's Weather Forecasting Umbrella

Evan Blass

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If you happened to leave your Weather Wizard e-ink forecaster at home, you'll sure be glad you grabbed your Ambient-powered Weather Forecasting Umbrella, which notifies you that it's raining the instant a drop hits its canopy. Actually, it uses Ambient's nationwide infoswag network to indicate the weather forecast with a glowing halo of light in the handle (in theory, at least; seems to be just a concept/prototype for now). Stored handle-up in your umbrella rack, it provides a quick and easy way to decide if you want to bring it with as you head out the door. We sure hope it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, though, for when you come home soaking one day and beat the crap out of it for its inaccurate prediction.

[Via Shiny Shiny]

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