In Victor's post about sitting in on a TWiT recording, he mentions a 10 year old kid who asked the TWiT gang a blatantly obvious question most of us have so far missed: if the MacBook Pro books are truly ready, where are the pro apps? Quark has a beta available - for all three of their customers. Where are the big dogs like Adobe? Heck, why isn't Apple's own Final Cut Studio available?

With questions about the general oddness of this year's keynote mounting, I think this is a huge one that needs to get added to the top of the pile. Some would say it's very un-Apple to release a new (pro) product like this without much of anything "pro" available to run on it. I would say at the least that it's just plain dumb to pull a stunt like this. So what gives?

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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