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PlayStation 3, conceptual design?

Ryan Block, @ryan

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We're still digging through gigs of CES photographs when we happened upon one rather juicy bit we thought we might share. We found this little number over at the Blu-ray booth -- which, given the circumstances, we can only assume was paid for and set up at least in large part by Sony. Yes, you're reading that placard right (we had to zoom in from another angle since the lighting made it hard to catch a decent shot). Is it true? Is the Sony PlayStation 3 that we've all now come to know and love (or not) merely a "conceptual design?" Because if it is they must be further behind than we originally anticipated.

P.S. -As our boy Vlad pointed out over at Joystiq, this is apparently the same sign posted on the PS3  at the Tokyo Game Show in September. Curiouser and curiouser.

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