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Pantech's IM-U110's 1GB musicphone

Ryan Block , @ryan

Sure, in the grand scheme of things 1GB of flash memory isn't anything too noteworthy, especially not when 8GB flash devices are readily available. But Pantech's new IM-U110 EV-DO musicphone isn't just any musicphone; where some US devices are just tipping the 256MB mark (integrated, of course), this thing has a full gigabyte of storage and a two megapixel camera to top it off (no word on external storage, but that looks a lot like a MicroSD slot to us). Not that it rivals Samsung's 4GB i300x, but it is flash memory, which means better battery life and higher reliability, of course; still, it doesn't mean a whole lot without some codec support, which the IM-U110's got decently filled out with AAC, MP3, and H.264 / MPEG4 playback. If that wasn't enough, though, it's also got that anti-bacterial silver nano-coating to make sure your oily hands to germ the damn thing up. All this form and function doesn't come cheap though: expect your Korean friends to pay something like $650 US for the thing (so at least you don't have to feel crummy about not being able to get one here in the States).

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