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New non-Sega Sega handheld en route?

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Just because Sega's not making hardware anymore doesn't mean they can't license their IP for some hot 3rd party vintage gaming goodness, and DCEmu is reporting the makers of the PSPonTV are doing just that. According to a release they, um, released, we might soon see a Sega plug-n-play console (pictured, not different from the Flashback, Flashback 2.0, etc.) with 10-in-1 or 20-in-1 versions touting Sonic and the like. Apparently they're also developing a handheld version of the system with a 2.5-inch screen that'll run 20 games as well, in addition to making a version that'll actually run vintage Sega carts. Just don't be teasing us like with that supposed Dreamcast re-release, aight guys?

[Via Joystiq]

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