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Scooterworks' Vespa Stereo System with iPod dock

Evan Blass

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We're pretty sure that this won't work with the Engadget Harley, and it's certainly not as cool as the Vespa Puter, but for our more refined European audience we present the mobile Stereo System with iPod dock by Scooterworks. The system is actually a do-it-yourself kit for Vespa Stella and P-series models that includes an amp, two 4-inch Alpine speakers, replacement glovebox door with pre-cut holes, and a cradle/connector for hooking up your 'pod or other DAP. We're pretty sure that you could piece together your own scooter-mounted stereo for less than the $300 that this costs, but if you're really trying to save some loot, the not-recommended-by-us, cruising-around-with-headphones-on method still can't be beat.

[Via vespazine, thanks Jon]

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