MGS4: Solid Snake's "sixth and final chapter"

Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1 contentsMetal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence will make its way to Western shores soon, so is there anything else we should expect besides the limited status of the set's third disc of cinematics (labelled "Existence")? Well, it seems, plenty.

Those who pre-order the game in mid-February will also receive a documentary DVD called Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1 which will include a 30-minute overview of the Metal Gear storyline from the 5 canonical releases so far, interviews with Hideo Kojima on practically everything, and the revelation that MGS4 is "the sixth and final chapter in the story of Solid Snake." Shocking, we know...

For Metal Gear maniacs, it will be very difficult to resist that Shinkawa-drawn foil-embossed cover (of the bonus DVD case), so if you're interested in this, be ready to pre-order the set when the opportunity arises. (Let it be cheap... oh, let it be cheap!)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.