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Sony Ericsson's new 4GB W950i Walkman phone


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A few news sites in the Middle East tipped us off earlier, but now we've got it straight from Sony Ericsson that the W950i Walkman is indeed for real and is indeed sporting 4GB of sweet sweet flash memory.  We're not so sure about this whole "Mystic Purple" color scheme they've got going, but there's a lot else to love, including UMTS, tri-band GSM, a rather large QVGA screen, and a 0.6-inch thickness. The Symbian OS phone also has Opera 8, Macromedia Flash Lite, video playback support, and a built-in FM radio to augment the standard Walkman MP3/AAC capability. We'll have to try the smooth keypad before we pass final judgement, but while sexy looking, it doesn't seem like it'll make one-handed texting any easier.

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