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RFID to help women pick makeup

Marc Perton

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Customers visiting Japanese drugstore chain Seijo will soon be able to try on makeup without having to actually put it on, thanks to a new RFID-enabled makeup simulator developed by NTT. The customer just has to sit down in front of a terminal, where a video camera snaps pics of her face. The customer can then just smear makeup on a pad with an embedded RFID reader, which checks the chip in the makeup and automatically applies it to the onscreen image using facial recognition algorithms to avoid, say, applying lipstick to cheeks (a problem we have all the time here at Engadget HQ). The system can recommend matching colors based on a customer's preferences, and print out an image for later use. And it promises to be faster than the typical try-on, something that those of us who've spent hours cooling our heels in the makeup department will definitely appreciate.

[Via RFID in Japan]

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