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Cablevision to rollout remote-storage DVR service

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Think DVR's disruptive? What happens when your cable company starts in with hosted VOD of your DVR? Sure, cable companies already have VOD for a lot of programming, but it's typically premium content like HBO, and doesn't have commercials anyway. Well, not anymore; Cablevision's apparently testing a time-shifted "remote-storage" DVR service so you can get the TiVo-effect without the TiVo, so to speak -- no one would have to touch their cable box or equipment to use a DVR, and it would cost less, they claim, than the current $9.95 they charge for DVR box rental. We don't know if it supports HD, but what strikes us as odd is that each subscriber gets 80 hours of storage on their RS DVR -- surely everyone will record everything, and that'll result in massive dupes and a less useful service than just keeping a single central recording of every channel's video feed, and allowing all customers to browse through a completely 100% time-shifted television experience (like what Time Warner was planning with Mystro). This is going to ruffle some feathers though, content providers are having a hard enough time smiling through their teeth at DVR-wielding cable companies. But now making it that much easier and taking the box out of the equation is sure to revive some of the old ire and arguments.

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