DIRECTV quietly announced a new HD DVR at EHX this past week. Despite my constant drilling, the DIRECTV representative couldn't satisfy my curiosity. He did indicate that the reason this device wasn't at CES was because it's not a consumer device. He did on the other hand tell me that it will have 750GB of capacity and run between $1500 and $2000. Not sure if we have reason to be excited other than the fact that our local watering hole might get one. He wasn't able to tell me how many TVs it supported, but he did say it will run similar software to their new MPEG4 HD DVR due this fall. Plus it has a cool display right on the front and is rack mountable.

As a side note they had the same HD DVR in the plastic box as they had at CES, which isn't encouraging, but it was interesting that it had a "Pace" anti tamper sticker on it, which makes me wonder if Pace is making the next gen box.