2007WFP experiencing severe banding on gradients?

It's difficult at this point to tell precisely how many people are experiencing the issue due to the intense echo chamber that are internet forums, but a number of Dell customers have begun complaining about severe color banding issues on their new 2007WFP. The banding, as mocked up above using a screen shot of the issue, apparently makes normal color gradients impossible, kind of like knocking your monitor back down to 256 colors after all these years. There a number of Anandtech (1, 2, 3) and Dell forums (linked below) threads on the topic; one user blamed the LG panel, as the issue has seemingly cropped up in some shipments of the L2000c, their 20-inch widescreen presumably based on the same panel, while others are claiming it's the DVI input. Anyone here seen this issue themselves, care to share your experiences?

[Thanks, Ciber]