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Kodak patent for age-detecting camera system

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Even despite all those face lifts, tummy tucks, fake tans, dye-jobs, and botox injections, Kodak may soon be able to accurately gauge one's age when it comes snapshot time. They apparently filed a patent in 2004 for a system which, as the above images culled from their patent filing so plainly suggest, determines the age of a photographer's subject by putting that red-eye effect to good use and metering the size and distance between those two red dots the rest of us can't seem to reliably get rid of in our photos. Apparently pupil dilation reflex time increases with age (like most other reflexes), you'll be able to find out for sure whether Grandma really is as young as she says. Though frankly we're not really sure we want to know.

[Via New Scientist]

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