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The Computer Bed: making telecommuting even easier

Evan Blass

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We're not sure if The Computer Bed could support the weight (or even footprints, for that matter) of our three monitors, desktop tower, photo printer, speakers + sub, flatbed scanner, and plethora of input devices, but if you've got a sparser setup and not a lot of space at your pad, this convertible desk/bed may be just what you've been looking for. Described as a "modern Murphy Bed," the multifunction product features gas pistons so your gear doesn't tumble around during the twice-daily conversion process, and also serves as a low-cost space heater at night by positioning you directly above your toasty equipment. At almost $2,500, The Computer Bed seems a bit pricey for a few pieces of unfinished wood and a twin-sized mattress that is most likely not Tempurpedic, but considering that you probably don't have the proper tools in your cramped little apartment to build your own, this may be the only solution.

[Via Real Tech News]

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