Motorola V3i joining BlackBerry 7130c on Cingular next week?

It's been widely known that the Motorola V3i and a variant of the BlackBerry 7130 are both expected for Cingular; the only question was when. That piece of the puzzle might be now be answered, thanks to our ol' buddy, The Canary-uncovering, Q-exposing Boy Genius: rumor has both these objects of desire launching next week. Sure enough, he's given us some kind of promotional literature for the Cingular-branded 7130c -- yeah, it's fuzzy, but we clearly see a Cingular logo slapped on the center of that phone. When a US domestic carrier launches a phone, it doesn't take much to get us excited around here, but two relatively anticipated phones in one week? On the same carrier? Pardon us while we go launch some bottle rockets.