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Sony patents fold-up origami gadgetry


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No, not that Origami. Sony is taking the term a bit more literally, and working on a technology to allow a device to be folded up to fit in your pocket, but which when unfolded becomes rigid for use. The whole unit, body and screen, would be made from a flexible material and contain conductive rubber bracing struts with some gel of aluminosilicate particles suspended in silicone oil mixed in for good measure. When zapped with a little bit of electricity, the struts harden almost instantly, allowing you to use the gadget in its proper state. The patent goes on to suggest the possibility of using this technology in conjunction with a video game in response to on-screen action. Unfortunately, our magic 8 ball says the signs aren't looking too hot for seeing something like this in action any time soon.

[Via New Scientist]

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