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Motorola Canary (RAZR 2) hands-on!

Peter Rojas

That's right, suckas: we got our hands on a Canary (aka the RAZR 2), Motorola's still-unannounced follow-up to the RAZR. We only got to spend a few precious hours with the Canary, but we can confirm that this phone's glossy surface is indeed a magnet for fingerprints (and is a pain to photograph). Otherwise the design doesn't pull any punches -- it's essentially a narrower version of the now-ubiquitous RAZR. Click on for a bunch more pics. Thanks, Boy Genius, for the hook up.

Soft-touch finish on the back.

That standard Moto UI you love to hate.

Side-by-side with the Treo 700p.

Side-by-side with the Nintendo DS Lite.