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Opera 9 goes Universal

David Chartier

Opera, the little browser that could (and did - go free, that is), has finished its beta and reached version 9, going Universal in the process. New features include:

  • a built-in BitTorrent client
  • adding your favorite search engines to Opera's search bar simply by right-clicking them
  • site-specific preferences for cookies, pop-ups, etc.
  • thumbnail previews of tabs when hovering over them
  • widgets (hey, at least they didn't call 'em 'gadgets')
  • customizable content blocker
  • and more
This version definitely seems snappier now that it's Universal, and (say what you have to) these new enhancements like a built-in BitTorrent client show that Opera is blazing a trail faster than its competition. Give this version a whirl if you haven't touched Opera in a while but are still curious about it. If you need help with a browser transition, why not check out some of the tools (like my personal favorite: Delibar) we've blogged that take the 'bookmarks bar' out of the browser and into Mac OS X's menubar, removing the need for worrying about which browser you're using.

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