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EVO: Phase One promises to touch down in October

Evan Blass

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Having been burned oh so many times by the notorious Phantom from Infinium Labs -- perhaps the most infamous piece of vaporware this side of Duke Nukem Forever -- we're more than a little skeptical of any company that comes out of nowhere to offer a "media entertainment console" targeted at gamers. And we're even more skeptical when that company -- in this case, Alabama-based Envizions Inc. -- claims to have been showing off their console at a major trade show that we attended -- in this case, E3 -- but somehow managed to keep it under our radar. We're still going to give the so-called EVO: Phase One the benefit of the doubt, though, as Envizions has just announced October 20th as a solid North American release date for what seems to be little more than a souped-up media center PC out of the box -- although the unit comes with one wireless controller, it will only "have console-like features upon future upgrade applications and hardware assistance." Not a good sign. For $680 you're supposedly getting a machine with an unspecified processor and RAM configuration (also a bad sign) along with a 500MHz Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro graphics card sporting 128MB of 800MHz DDR3 RAM, a liquid cooling system, and oddly enough, a built-in fingerprint scanner (to protect all of your valuable saved game-states, perhaps?). Again, we'll wait until October to pass final judgment here, but lets just say that we're not going to be the ones throwing down $25 to place a pre-order. Keep reading to check out some of the company's over-the-top marketing, direct from CEO Derrick Samuels' MySpace page...

[Via IGN]

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