Apple must have heard our jab at their one-line Nike+ Sport Kit support document yesterday and decided to whip up a full-blown Nike+ support section of their much-loved iPod Support site. Delusions of grandeur aside, the support section offers the typical troubleshooting and 'How do I...' sections, along with a video tutorial detailing how to run how to get on your feet with using this slick new kit to enhance your run. It also includes a link to Apple's new Nike + iPod Sport Kit discussions sub-category which lives under their iPod nano forum. While these should be handy new resources for all sorts of internet-related arguments over Nike and why 5G iPods didn't make the cut, just remember to still get out on your feet with your shiny new running kit, as we're pretty sure Apple Stores won't accept "I just never got around to it" as a return excuse.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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