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Saab goes double-green with biofuel hybrid


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Not a whole lot of details to be getting on with here, but Saab has confirmed that they have plans to produce a vehicle based on their Bio Power Hybrid concept currently showing at the British International Motor Show. The vehicle combines the potential of E85, a fuel blend with 85% bioethanol from plants, with the further emissions reducing, power increasing and cost reducing perks of an electric motor. The hybrid's batteries replace the spare tire compartment in the car's trunk, and since the Bio Power Hybrid uses run-flat tires, there's essentially nothing lost in the trade-off. Saab's Bio Power models have been especially successful in Saab's home market of Sweden, mainly thanks to the large tax breaks they entail, but even while promising a hybrid within the next few years, Saab is clear that the feature won't come cheap.

[Via MetaEfficient]

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