Weekend Review: this week's software for 7-30-06

It was another packed week for software premieres and updates, so here is a roundup in case you missed them the first time around:

  • Groupcal 3 - manage your Exchange calendar from iCal
  • EyeTV 2.3 - Front Row-like menu and speed boosts
  • OmniPlan (beta) - OmniGroup's brand new project management app
  • BurnAgain - powerful and standards-compliant multi-session 'smart' CDR/RW burning utility
  • Rax 2 - virtual rack software for musicians
  • Übercaster (beta) - all-in-one podcasting application
  • NewsFire 1.4 - feature update for popular RSS reader
  • mira 1.1 - make your Apple Remote control more than just Front Row
  • iStat Pro 3.0 - powerful system monitoring widget gets a major upgrade and a new UI
  • bpiDash - finally, a second widget for Backpack
  • Basecamp - widget for 37Signals' much-loved online project management service
This article was originally published on Tuaw.