NuVision's 52LEDLP 1080p LED based DLP priced and dated

We have been following the NuVision LED DLP for sometime now. Initially, they were going to be the first manufacturer to ship a LED based DLP, but Samsung beat 'em to the punch when they shipped theirs just a few weeks ago. That's fine though as we would rather wait a few weeks and have a better product then one that was rushed out the door. The 52-inch (52LEDDLP) unit will then be available come September and also, be showcased at this years CEDIA Expo. The unit is going to cost a few dollars more then the Samsung counterpart at $4,399. In case you are in need of a refresher, this DLP throws out the normal lamp in favor of a cluster of LEDs that will (hopefully) provide better color and a longer life with no brightness degradation. This technique will hopefully bridge the gap between the long life of a plasma/LCD and the low-cost, big-screen size capability of a DLP.

UPDATE: This LED DLP is not 1080p but rather 720p.

UPDATE: NuVision's CEO left a comment indicating that the press release was wrong and is now updated that this DLP is in fact a full 1080p display which is what we had originally reported.