SmileOnMyMac has released TextExpander 1.4, an update to their customizable typing utility that allows users to assign keywords to snippets of text, ultimately saving gobs of time in re-typing things like phrases, websites, signatures and more. New features in this indispensable tool include:
  • User-specified delimiters ("Set Delimiters..." button in Preferences tab)
  • Import comma and tab-delimited text, RTF, and RTFD files
  • Choose TextExpander or Textpander style menu bar icon in Preferences
  • Sort snippets by date created (helps when locating import groups)
  • Sort snippets by date modified (helps when tracking recent changes)
Also of note on TextExpander's new features list at VersionTracker is 'Mac OS X 10.4 required,' but I don't know if that's a new feature in this particular version or of the actual product switchover from the old Textpander.

Either way, this is a free upgrade and is available from SmileOnMyMac, as is a fully functional 30-day demo.

[UPDATE: Jean from SmileOnMyMac let us know in the comments that this new 1.4 version is, in fact, Tiger-only. The 1.3.1 version which still works on Panther (10.3.9) is still available from their site. Thanks Jean!]

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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