Bounty hunters battle down under

The skills to pay the bills.Australian gamers recently took part in a Metroid Prime: Hunters tournament for a grand prize of $1,000 dollars AUD (about $760 dollars US). With 8 of the country's finest bounty hunters going at it, the competition was fierce and only one man was able to walk away victorious. Jeff Hawthorne of Brisbane was able to win in the end using the character Sylux. Jeff explains how he managed to best his competition:

"The Battle was in Processor Core, and I got Lucky to have the Spawn Point closest to the Jump pad so I could race and get the Death-alt only moments before eXc35um (Ali) could get it. I got a quick 4 or 5 points with that, then just mainly Magmauled and used my shock coil when I needed health. Not to forget laying trap wires around the arena."

You can see the other 7 finalists here as well as view pictures from the event here.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.