PSP firmwares 2.0 - 2.80 hacked for homebrew

PSP fangirls and boys unite! It looks like you can now run homebrew apps on your PSPs that have version 2.00 to 2.80 firmwares installed -- no more downgrading! Apparently it involves a simple viewing of an image file on your mem stick. And for you überfans, you'll probably want to know that according to "This application runs in 'User Mode,' but kernel mode will be achievable on all firmwares except 2.80." We'll give it a spin and report back soon with our findings.

[Thanks, Crome T.]

Oh yeah, this thing works alright. It works so well ou don't even need to actually load the image on 2.8 -- just scroll down to it, and the thumbnail read takes over the homebrew hack. Nice.