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Sony unveils new Bravia LCD, LCoS HDTVs for Japan


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Sony rolled out some new HDTVs for the Japanese market this winter, some of which have already been announced in the US, the rest we hope soon will be. The biggest new news appears to be that their advanced Digital Reality Creation (DRC-MFv2.5) circuitry is moving downmarket, into the cheaper A2500 series of LCoS HDTVs. The two new RPTVs announced are the KDS-60A2500 and KDS-50A2500, 60- and 50-inches respectively. They'll accept and display 1080p just like their American A2000 cousins, but now with enhanced upscaling technology for non-1080p inputs. At an estimated 600,000 and 500,000 yen respectively, that would give them about a $500-US price bump over the previous 50- and 60-inch LCoS HDTVs and are slated to ship September 15th. Of the nine new LCDs, five are identical to the Bravia LCDs already announced in the US, but they have added the 52-inch KDL-52X2500 at the top of line, and three new S-series LCDs (46-,40- and 32-inch) at the bottom. The KDL-52X2500 includes the aforementioned DRC technology, WCG-CCFL backlighting (1500:1 contrast ratio), Live Color Creation, 1080p resolution and 1080p inputs. The cheaper KDL-46S2500, KDL-40S2500 and KDL-32S2500 are 1366x768 (720p) LCDs with the older Bravia Engine image processing, a 1300:1 contrast ratio on the two large TVs and 1700:1 ratio on the 32-inch. All four LCDs share a 450cd/m2 brightness, feature one HDMI and two D4 inputs (as compared to the three HDMI jacks for the US-specced TVs) and are due to ship in Japan October 20th.

Sony KDS-50A2500:

Sony KDS-60A2500:

Sony LCoS Optical Engine:

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