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JBL's big, bad Mt Everest speaker system

Thomas Ricker , @trixxy

Step in front of JBL's new Mt. Everest speaker system and you too can feel the pain. Look, we don't pretend to be audiophiles round these parts, but when a reputable company like JBL drops a new flagship speaker system into the mix by the name of Mt Everest, well, it's gonna be one badazz, mofo'n speaker. Besides, if you're buying a speaker system measuring in at 38 x 18.5 x 44-inches, 313-pounds and pumping 500 watts of thump, well, you're probably trying to purchase more than just sound quality now aren't you. Available from September 21st in Japan for ¥3,460,000 or nearly $30,000. Oh, and check a better image of the complete Mt. Everest system done-up in maple after the break -- who knew all that power came from two 9v Duracell batteries?

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