The Trace has been getting the lion's share of the attention, but it turns out that the svelte candybar isn't the only new Samsung kid on T-Mobile's block this week: the T619 flip (separated-at-birth twin of Sprint's SPH-M500) and T629 slider have quietly started filtering into the hands of users, too. The unassuming, midrange handsets' spec sheets roughly mirror one another, packing 1.3-megapixel cams and Bluetooth. Either one can be yours for $150 on contract -- after all the rebates have worked their magic, that is.

[Thanks, Rob]

Update: Turns out the T619 clamshell goes out the door for more like $80 after rebates, making us wonder what justifies the difference in cost versus the T629; is a microSD slot and a slider form factor really worth an extra $70?

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