Grrrrrr!!!!According to the official Wii site, Excite Truck has been capped at two players. In fact, out of nine first party titles featured on the site, only two (Wii Sports & Mario Strikers Charged) are confirmed to support 4 players -- WarioWare will have "some" multiplayer (2-5 players) support. In addition, out of the nine, only Mario Strikers and Battalion Wars II will offer online multiplayer.

This is a step back, even if many (solitary) gamers claim not to be affected. If Wii is being marketed as a family/group activity, then -- at least with this initial clump of first party games -- Nintendo has not delivered on that vision. Four-player should be the standard? Isn't it already?

And what's up with the lack of Wi-Fi Connection support? Two first party titles -- and no third party love 'til next year? That just takes the 'we' outta Wii.

[Via 1UP]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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