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Oracom's UB-1000 packs DAB, headed for Europe


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You know how were were saying when we spotted the UB-890 that you'll probably never see it out of Korea? Well, we were half right. The UB-890 never did make it off those shores, but its quite similar successor, the UB-1000, is at least headed for Europe this October. The main addition seems to be the DAB capability, making it one of the smaller players around to support the standard, though the UB-1000 still manages MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, MPEG, AVI, WMV and ASF support. There's also FM in case you can't quite find the right smooth jazz station on the DAB spectrum, along with a 1.8-inch 160 x 128 screen, line-in recording and flash memory ranging from 512MB to 4GB in capacity. No word on price, and we suppose some Stateside action would be too much to ask?

[Via MobileWhack]

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