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Miyamoto talks Zelda -- Link a lefty no more

Nikki Inderlied

If you didn't already know that Link, the hero in the Legend of Zelda series, was left-handed, we simply do not know what to do with you. In fact, we might ask that you get a CAT scan to help understand why you are a Nintendo fanboy who lacked this simple knowledge. In time, we could forgive you.

Fact of the matter is, Twilight Princess has changed it up a bit under Miyamoto's command and Link is now right-handed. But, GameCube owners do not fear. Link will continue to be left-handed as tradition tells for you. Here is what Miyamoto himself said in his defense of making Link a righty:

"Although Link is [traditionally] left-handed, at E3 we noticed people seemed to be using the right Wii controller to swing his sword. That's why we decided to make Link right-handed. The interesting this is, on the GameCube Link is still left-handed; because of the mirror mode the game map is reversed."

All banter concerning the mirror mode must cease immediately. Sorry Leftorium lovers, you'll have to sit this one out.