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Sprint launches IP-830W, SCP-8400 and BlackBerry 8703e with GPS

Thomas Ricker , @trixxy

BlackBerry, PocketPC, and Power Vision lovers unite 'cause Sprint just unleashed three phones meant to distribute the love to all. First from the gate is the IP-830W from Samsung (pictured center) we peeped on Sprint last month. For $600 with a 2-year plan ($750 without!), it's yours to take global with quad-band GSM / GPRS and CDMA / EV-DO pumpin' Windows Mobile 5 plus AKU2 on a 520MHz Intel PXA272 proc. Out next is another Sprint Sanyo clam in the form of the dual-band Power Vision SCP-8400 (pictured right) with Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel cam, and of course live TV, music downloads, and multiplayer game action. Yours for $100 after rebates, instant savings and your signature on a 2-year plan. Out last is the GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8703e which brings EV-DO speeds, Bluetooth and speakerphone for $350 after discounts and 2-year signup. Thing is, it's already available on Verizon only without GPS navigation for $100 less. What to do, what to do.

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