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Logitech launches diNovo Edge

Ryan Block, @ryan

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All you long-time diNovo loving fans can take heart -- Logitech's finally given a major overhaul to our favorite ultraslim, tactile, stylie keyboard. The new diNovo Edge (which runs on Bluetooth, of course) finally fixes some of the long standing issues we've had with the keyboard, including having an integrated battery (plus dock / charging cradle, much like Logitech's mice have long since had -- a single charge should supposedly last two months), light-up function keys that show which key mode you're in, and even throws in some new bonuses: Vista optimized media keys, a volume touchpad (with LED-lit meter), and even a trackpad with circular scrolling -- enough to give the Ultimate Keyboard Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 a run for its ultimate money. At $200 it's not a keyboard for the faint of wallet, but those who make room in their budget to afford it, well, it's probably because once you go diNovo you can't really go back.

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