According to an article published late yesterday in eWeek, T-Mobile is expected to hold a press conference on Friday where the company will supposedly announce its first foray into UMTS, finally catching up with its rivals on the 3G bandwagon. However, assuming these rumors are true, T-Mobile will allegedly announce UMTS and/or HSDPA on paired 1700MHz and 2100MHz bands -- part of the spectrum that it snatched up just a few weeks ago. But despite a relatively quick announcement, Phil Redman, a Gartner analyst, says that it will take T-Mobile a year and half to roll out UMTS service nationally. Even still, given that a small number of Engadget editors are T-Mobile subscribers, we can't wait to really feel the difference between the existence we're ekeing out on EDGE and that new UMTS or HSDPA über-hotness.

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